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UX/UI Design and Research feeds my passion for creativity. It perfectly intertwines my role as an architect and a caregiver. It is extremely important for me to understand and care for my users, I always believed that empathy was the foundation for all artwork. Every detail I design is for you to witness a vision that is built upon your desires and my fondness for user interface. The Vitruvian philosophy of functionality, beauty and strength is ingrained in my mind and is applied to all of my designs.

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About Me

Hello, I'm Khadijah Khan! My role in most of my projects is a user interface designer but I need and crave the user research aspect of our design process. I believe you can never attain a successful visual story without fully understanding your users. It is my responsibility and desire to pull in your audience visually, I revolve around building visual brands. I had the wonderful experience of working as an architect as well as a graphic designer for a few years. Each phase of my career built upon one another and guided me to become a stronger multi-displinary designer. However, I am always searching for ways of increasing my knowledge and skills! I am simply a nomad in this journey who is evolving with every project and team I work with.

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Architect to UX

I have been designing for the past 5 years. The years in design was heavily influenced by my background in architecture. This underlying principle gave me the confidence to transition smoothly to a new industry. I was slightly hesitant to make this change. I thought I would not be able to provide the right skills but it was persistence and passion that led me to each milestone.

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